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Search Engine Submission
We do not bulk submit. We discuss your market and goals and submit to the search engines and directories most likely to be used by your potential clients.

Web Site Evaluation
If you are counting on generating new business from search engine traffic and are wondering why it isn't happening, we may be able to help. Our evaluation services also include Client Usabilty and Search Engine listing and ranking reports.

Updating Services
Internet users want the most current information. Our updating services will help you let these users find what they need on your site.

Other Marketing Options

Optimization Tips
Here we have put together info to help you understand how optimization works. Member since 1997 - This site (and the conferences it sponcers) is the premier resource for those interested in Search Engine Optimization

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PCIS Design Services Search Engine Optimization Site Hosting & URL Registration Training and Consultation
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The best design in the world won't sell your products and services if people can't find them. We are unique in our ability to offer website design packages with Search Engine Optimization incorporated at the development level.

At Personalized Computer & Internet Services we see our objective as obtaining as high of a return on investment in your Web site and Internet services as possible. The marketing and visibility of your Web site is every bit as important, if not more so, as its design. Your organization became a part of the World Wide Web to be visible to its vast membership in a cost effective manner. With that in mind, we offer our services.

Please Note: We will not take on clients wishing to promote MLM (multi level marketing), web sites containing pornography or nudity, online casinos, racist, anti-government, anti-religious or any type of business that may have an adverse affect on our reputation or that of our clients.


Our Search Enginge Packages

We use your company's objectives along with our knowledge of current search engine listing procedures, Web site coding, and on-line and conventional marketing techniques to optimize your Web site before we submit it to the search engines. PCIS works with your organization to help create the marketing program that is most cost effective.

The web sites we produce reflect our years of studying Search Engine Optimization techniques. Our clients can usually be found in the first page (top 20) of most search engine search results and have generated $1,000,000's in sales and cost savings from their Internet sites.

Unless your name is a household word, your success in attracting a Web audience lies in your ability to build a lasting presence in the search engines that people use to find sites like yours thus driving your TARGETED audience directly to your Web site. PCIS's Internet marketing professionals have the training and experience to provide results!

95% of Internet users rely on the top 8 search engines & directories (Google, Lycos, AltaVista, LookSmart, HotBot and Yahoo, MSN, AOL). Each has a different method for ranking sites in response to a search query. We keep up with the constant changes in the industry and can actually optimize your site to the individual engines. Our goals compliment those of the search engines as we simply find the most effective method to help the search engine find the actual content of your site.


After consulting with the client to identify the scope of their products/services offered on the Web site and their target audience, PCIS will
  • Manually SUBMIT THE WEB SITE to the Top 6 Search Engines/Directories
    - Includes $299 Express Submission Fee to Yahoo
    - Includes $35 Express Submission Fee to Inktomi
    - Available but not included - Express Submission to LookSmart ($299)

    In addition to the services provided in the SEARCH BASIC package, PCIS will:

  • TEST 3 Keywords in top 5 Search Engines (Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, HotBot)

  • ANALYZE the results determining who the competition is and why their listing appears high

  • APPLY general findings to site's HTML (Index + up to 2 other pages)

  • Identify and Submit site to 2 industry specific specialty directories.

  • $1100
    The 12 month solution to keeping your site correctly listed. With the tremendous growth in the number of sites coming on-line, it is easy for a search engine to inadvertently loose sites or even remove them entirely. Some search engines may place recently indexed sites more prominently on search queries. Search package of your choice o 3 & 9 mos: Verification, resubmission if needed
  • 6 mos: SEARCH RELEVANCY REPORT, Resubmit after package reoptimization.

  • Basic +$250

    Listing Plus $500


    Though promptly indexing your site's lead page, many search engines rely on spiders to view the rest of your site for indexing of other pages. This can often take 3-6 weeks. If you have content in secondary pages that might cause those pages to be more relevant to certain searches than your front page, have us list them separately in up to 6 search engines. We limit this option to 2 pages as we are committed to optimization of Internet tools. Several search engines agree with us and will delist sites that have too many pages indexed.

    *Meant to be used with our SEARCH ENGINE LISTING SERVICES.

  • Can be used with any package in the same or higher category

  • HTML and design optimization are based on these packages.

  • Minimum time is spent developing new descriptions and keywords.
  • Basic $150

    Listing Plus $500



    Too often we see sites that have not been designed with Search Engines in mind. These sites often would be highly ranked if the search engines could access their information. At PCIS we offer evaluation and recommendation services for existing sites and utilize our knowledge to optimize new sites so search engines can find the information they need to rank you appropriately. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

    SEARCH EVALUATION & USABILITY REPORT: Evaluates the index (home) page of your existing website for Search Engine usability. Solutions Recommended. (Approved changes made on an hourly basis) $350
    Do you know how your Web site compares with your competitors in responses to searches for your key phrases? Shows your ranking in 8 search engines using 2 key words/phrases -your choice


    If you want visitors to keep returning to your site, research shows it is important to keep the content of your web site current. Visitors who see out dated information seldom return. Most people who use the Internet want the most current information possible. PCIS can provide several services to facilitate the important updating process, of your web site. Updates may be performed on a scheduled basis (calendar of events, price changes, etc) or on an as-needed/on demand basis.

    Update Service (hourly):
    If updating is needed on a continual basis, IAS.NET provides a monthly hosting/updating package that will cost less than the items purchased individually. The applied discount depends upon the amount of updating required. After development of your site, IAS.NET can determine your update needs and provide discounted package pricing.
    dependent on monthly service package choosen

    Other Internet Marketing Services:

    Internet advertising in it's infancy is in dire need of responsible individuals who do more than simply list a company with a search engine, place them in a "mall" or SPAM email accounts and then walk away. We pride ourselves in using only responsible marketing techniques. Today, most of our design clients also use us to do their Internet Marketing and update their websites.

    Though you should always market your web site on your traditional media (business cards, signs, letterhead, vehicle...) the Internet provides several other unique ways of helping people find your site.

    Nomination to appropriate Award, new Announcement and Review Sites:
    One of the best ways to get immediate traffic to a site is to have it recognized by an award site. At PCIS we have always taken a great deal of pride in our site design. With the addition of Internet Marketing specialists to our design team, we have the ability to insure your site will be noticed.
    Strategic Linking 1:
    A very effective way of driving traffic to your site. PCIS will search the Web for sites that complement the goals and interests of our clients. With your approval, we will secure links to several of the relevant sites found.

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