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Customer Service Technologies

We at Personalized Computer & Internet Services (PCIS) are committed to "helping our clients help themselves." To this end we have partnered with several companies whose services could help add productivity to your business.

Credit Cards:

Open a Merchant Account - accept all major credit cards and checks from your website, your home office or your place of business.
Your Customer gets:
  • The ability to pay by credit card
  • The ability to make larger purchases
  • The ability to pay over time
  • The security of knowing their
          purchase is protected

  • You Get:
  • Immediate payment directly into the
        bank account of your choice
  • Higher unit sales and extra orders
  • Increased credibility for your business

  • It pays to shop around - look for hidden charges - do your homework. Your local bank is a good place to start. They may be able to set up a merchant account for you, but if you're a small business, especially if you're Internet based, the chances are, even if your local bank can get approval for your account, their rates will be higher than you need pay.

    I'll be glad to share the name of my provider. They can help you get a merchant account quickly - call me toll free at 1-800-439-5969 pin PCIS (7247) or E-mail me now!
    Get started now! Click on the banner above for a direct link to my provider. They're serious about customer service - 24 hours a day.

    800 Numbers:

    Make it easy for your customer to reach you! Everyone needs 800 telephone number for sales (I recommend them in many customer service areas as well). With the Telecos each trying to out do the other, you should be able to find some good rates.

    Remember to look for the hidden charges:

  • monthly access fees (from $0 -$5/mo)
  • wrong numbers*

    *With an 800 number YOU pay for the call. Don't pay for wrong numbers. For 3 years I've been using a wonderful company that has better rates than our local telico. They issue a "pin" (actually up to 10) for each 800 number. If a caller doesn't have a pin, they can't get through and you don't have to pay for those wrong numbers. I'll be glad to share their name - call me toll free at 1-800-439-5969 pin PCIS (7247) or E-mail me now!


    Tune up Your Website:

    So you already have a website - but can everyone see it? Not all browsers will read your site the same way. Make sure your message is getting to the most people possible, Get a free tune up or purchse a package.

    Don't have the time to make the changes? Contact us - PCIS will do it for you! (If you really want to be found, check our search engine optimization packages and other marketing services.)

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