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Through the years we at Personalized Computer & Internet Services have spent many hours in classes, at meetings, pouring through texts and working through trial and error. We recognize that not everyone has the luxury of time when learning to use a new computer or business application.

Because of the appeal of personalized learning, we have been asked to speak and give classes at businesses and local Universities and Colleges on topics ranging from "The Internet as a Marketing Tool", "Why a Website for your Small Business", "How to Choose a Website Developer" to "Designing for Search Engines".

For many, we have become a "word of mouth" resource to learn how to use a computer and the internet. Many clients are now happily planning trips and corresponding with grandchildren or even using their computers to optimize their business processes. Because we are primarily a design company and use Macintosh computers, we are most comfortable offering instruction on Macs but can also train on most Microsoft and Adobe cross platform applications (Word, Excel, Photoshop, PageMaker, etc).


We offer training at our office, your office or your home in the use of a computer (Macintosh is our preferred platform) or specific applications.

Learn to use email, search on the internet or become profficient at Microsoft WORD or EXCEL or Adobe PHOTOSHOP or PAGEMAKER and many other programs.

RATES: $60/hr for personalized training. (Minimum of 1.5 hrs per session)
(our training includes 15-20 minutes worth of telephone follow-up. If you get "stuck", just call (during normal business hours). We'll walk you through your "problem". Chances are, you'll never forget how to do that particular thing again.

GROUP RATES: Call for a quote


Speaking & Consulting Services

Successful public speaking involves an ability to communicate your knowledge and love of the topic. Evidently we succeed as our clients always invite us back. Michigan State University and Washtenaw Community College both continue to use us as speakers in various small business classes.

Our speaking engagements, like our individualized training is specifically geared for the requested program. Sessions are fun and clients often tell us they have gotten more useful information from our classes than any other they have attended.

Contact us for pricing on individual lectures or a series of classes related to

  • Web Site Development
  • Web Site Design focused on Search Engine and Client Usability
  • The Internet as a Marketing Tool
  • Why a Website for your Small Business
  • How to Choose a Website Developer
  • Search Engine Optimization Tips

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